Right now, right here…take a moment; think about your business.

Any idea how your workforce feels?

Are you able to identify signs of de-motivation?

When building up your business strategy…do you make workplace happiness and well-being a significant priority?

Not really?…to all of the above questions?

Then you have a big problem.

You see…

At one time; concerning yourself about workplace happiness and well-being was an unthinkable, and ill-considered a thing.
But now…it has become the main driver for the success of your business.

In this time of global economic uncertainty, the world of work has become an increasingly stressful place.

Research is showing that employees all over the world are feeling less confidence, motivation, loyalty, resilience, commitment and engagement.

It has become all the more apparent that your business can no longer afford to ignore the benefits of investing in workplace happiness & well-being.

This means bringing out the best in people.

Helping them not just feel good about coming to work but be engaged, energized and excited to show up each day.

After all; it’s a proven fact that happy people are more productive, creative and resilient in times of uncertainty.

And, it’s no secret that companies with higher than average employee happiness exhibit better financial performance and customer satisfaction.

That being so…it is beneficial for your business to create and maintain positive work environments — and leadership that’ll contribute to the happiness and well-being of your employees.

Here at Vytaal Analytics;  we work with you to ensure that… the strategies, plans, goals, and values you set for your business are defined with your workforce’s well-being in mind.

Learn more about how we help you create a workforce made up of inspired, productive and determined loyalists.




Vytaal Analytics is a provider of workplace happiness and well-being tools, and solutions. These tools are designed to help your business build — and sustain a top workplace that drives bottom-line results.

We help you, and other businesses of all stripes build more engaged, productive teams that want to be exceptional at what they do. Teams that are more excited to come to work every day.

It’s a known fact that the best work gets done when people are positively engaged, working hard towards the same goal…and, having lots of fun at the same time.

Truth is, you may offer competitive salaries but — money isn’t everything when it comes to workplace happiness.

That’s why our focus on workplace happiness and well-being helps you empower your people, and make them feel connected to your business.

Through our analytics tools, and advisory services — we offer you practical guidance required to understand, create, and maintain exceptional workplace cultures.

Who’s behind Vytaal Analytics?

We are Thembi Lin & Dumoluhle Sikhosana.

Through many years spent working in different work environments; as well as running our own businesses…we learnt first-hand how it’s like to run a business with a demotivated workforce.

And, we also experienced what it’s like to be on the workforce side, and feel under appreciated by  businesses.

We have worked professionally in a number of companies, and as contractors to many private and public corporations.
It’s on these journeys that we came across businesses that only care about profits, and ignore the needs of their workers. Some, who believe that employees should just be happy because they have jobs.

Yes, there were others who understood and cared about their workforce…but they lacked tools and guidance on how to go about the whole process.

It’s these kinds of issues that motivated us to research, find, and develop tools and solutions that measure — and improve workplace happiness and well-being in real time.
Here’s the thing…if you don’t create positive and engaging work environment, the economic implications can be profound.

If you factor in the costs of recruiting new people, and the incredibly aggressive recruitment market, the benefits of retaining happy, highly engaged people are huge.

The combined impact of these and other key performance indicators eventually bring about happier customers, and a strong bottom line.

Of course for the skeptics, workplace well-being seems like a trend that shows no tangible or measurable impact on workers’ productivity.

But…numbers don’t lie.

Bottom line is…for your business to flourish — your workforce need to be feeling good & functioning well.

It’s a win:win situation.

Understanding your workforce and developing a customized solution will give you the best chance of success.
Take a look at our product and services, and start reaping the benefits of workplace happiness and well-being.


How do you know if your workers like what they’re doing, and contribute positively to the workplace?

We get it…understanding what practices are troublesome and in addition, what to do about them is not easy.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are different tools out there that are used to measure workplace well-being.

Of course you can’t actually design and apply a workplace happiness and well-being strategy if you don’t know where you presently stand, right?

Such a strategy should be based on the particular needs and desires of your workers , not on general information about overall engagement levels.

Vytaal Analytics help you achieve that by providing you with simple solutions that require minimal time commitment from employees, and management alike — BUT still deliver valuable measurements and insights.

Our practical guidance and tools, help turn those insights into action.

Here’s what we do:

  • We offer your business a real-time mood tracking device (Vytaal InSytt) that enables you to acquire feedback from employees who share their feelings and experiences about the company.
    As a result…communication, and transparency in the organisation improves.
  • We analyze your organizational culture and devise a plan to drive future change specific to your business.
  • We shepherd the transition process and implementation of our tools through participation in various relevant committees.
  • We assist you in developing , bench-marking, and tracking program goals and performances.

Once these solutions are implemented, expect  an increase in engagement after the first 45days, and thereafter…a continual improvement that will have a positive impact on the workplace environment, and ultimately on business performance score cards.

Contact us now and let us help you establish, and maintain a happy & healthy workplace.

Product: Vytaal InSytt

At Vytaal Analytics, we don’t like things that are overly complex; and neither do most…if not all businesses and employees alike.

That’s why we developed Vytaal InSytt

This is a real-time mood tracking device that is incredibly quick and simple to use; yet it gathers rich data.

You simple ask your burning question…and your employees anonymously respond with a simple Yes or No.Finger pressing Yes on Vytaal InSytt real time mood tracking device.

This kind of clear approach means we reduce employee reluctance to participate, and the lack of sincerity that tend to creep in with other feedback and mood tracking tools.

Combined with a web-based dashboard; this device allows you — in real-time to:

  • Measure your employees’ mood and satisfaction levels
  • Discover how they perceive their work place
  • Uncover areas where you can influence positive and effective improvements
  • Take advantage of your workforce’s natural inspiration by urging them to be a part of the solution

The mood tracking device’s reports are available in real time and online.  With this tool, decision-makers at any level of the business can respond to insights immediately — without waiting weeks or sometimes months for results.

As a matter of fact; just like diseases, the earlier you diagnose workplace issues…the better the chances for improvement.

No need to go around sneaking with spy-wares that will not only alienate you with your workforce; but also land you in big trouble for invading their privacy.

You should be as concerned with workplace happiness and well-being levels — as you are with your business financials, and customers’ experience.

After all, you can see how vital it is to ensure that you choose the right mechanism and an appropriate process to make a difference to your business and — in the lives of people who support you.

That being said, Contact Us now for more information, or get a custom quoteand let Vytaal InSytt start the conversation with your workforce.





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